TV Show

On Dec. 25th, Christmas Day, at 4:00 p.m. AN ANDY AND BING CHRISTMAS – A HOLIDAY FAMILY GATHERING will air on CW23.

We are thrilled to air this 60-minute show honoring the 6-year run of AN ANDY AND BING CHRISTMAS featuring 9 songs from the show, along with messaging from Twin Cities charities, organizations and businesses being provided 60-90 second moments to promote their great work in the community courtesy of The 30-Days Foundation.

Recorded on Nov. 10th on the Main Stage at The Chanhassen Dinner Theater by John Heinen and his great crew at A440 Studios, the show features the entire 19-piece orchestra performing many of the great songs from the show in a live soundstage setting.

What makes this show so important in 2020 is of course the fact that for the first time in our lives, our senior loved ones, either living away from family, or in Assisted Living Homes stand a very good chance of literally not being allowed for safety or mandate reasons, to not be with their families on Christmas Day as they have always been.  A HOLIDAY FAMILY GATHERING is a way, at least for one hour on Christmas Day, a way for families to experience something together, via Facetime, Zoom or Skype to watch this beautiful show together.

Families are doing this every day for other important family matters, on Christmas Day, we are urging all families to tune to CW23 (It is a channel anyone can get, it’s available to all of us) or to watch the Chanhassen YouTube Channel to watch this lovely show together.

Make plans. Tell your friends and family members to spread the word too.  This could very well be one of the most touching and beautiful holiday moments in the state of Minnesota.

We are honored to present this show to you and we hope you enjoy the hour of good music and good deeds.