Cate Fierro

Cate Fierro has one of the strongest voices and magnetic personalities to hit the Twin Cities music scene. Starting her career as one of the lead singers in THE IRRESISTIBLES, a soul R&B Band led by legendary and award winning frontman, Mick Sterling and co-lead Katie Gearty, she has continued to perform with Mick in his shows including EltonSongs, Born To Run among many, as well as producing and fronting her own shows.

Cate presents a number of tribute shows under the umbrella of Mick Sterling Presents: STRONGER THAN PRIDE ~ the passionate songs of SADE, AMY ~ A heartfelt tribute to Amy Winehouse, The HEART of Ann & Nancy Wilson ~ A Tribute to the band HEART featuring Cate Fierro & Katie Gearty and Cate’s latest show-stopping performance, 3 Stars Born ~ the songs sung by Garland, Streisand & Gaga in all three A STAR IS BORN films with more productions to come!

Fierro released her first solo album in August of 2014 called Legacy. It is a timeless collection of old and new soul/rock with originals and covers worthy of covering. This was a special project to Cate and most of all, her daughters are featured on a track. Truly a Legacy in the making.

Cate is a proud Mom to 3 beautiful, funny and very talented young ladies that have followed their hearts to performance and most of all, she feels that is her greatest accomplishment. Putting it all out there on any stage with her family of incredibly talented musicians and being able to share that with her girls has been a true gift.